Bringing the heat to huevos

What could be better than eggs dancing to flamenco music? Well it may not mean quite that but huevos a la flamenco has definitely got toes tapping with its Moorish inspired aromatic spices and hearty sofrito sauce.

Andalusian huevos a la flamenca
Andalusian huevos a la flamenca

This dish hails from Spain’s southernmost region, Andalusia, which boasts simple and tasty cuisine that doesn’t rely on the fuss of complex gastronomical cooking methods or fiddly aesthetics. It is here that Mediterranean enthusiasm for freshness and simplicity merges with Arabic fragrances to create traditional Andalusian cuisine.

The Moorish cultural and culinary conquest over the Andalusian region (amongst many others in Europe) is felt even today where dishes embrace the flavour building techniques and ingredients like cinnamon, cumin, nutmeg, mint and coriander that were brought along from North Africa. This influence is well and truly embedded in the gastronomical and architectural façade of the region and greatly contributes to the fervour and vitality of their food and culture.

Inside Alhambra- The moorish designed palace in Granada
Inside Alhambra- Granada’s Moorish Palace

Eaten as tapas or a meal on its own, huevos a la flamenco delivers all which I have just mentioned and as the name implies, it will have you and your taste buds dancing around the table in delight!

First, the sofrito is made by frying onions, peppers and garlic then adding tomato and paprika. It is then divided into ramekins and finished off with a cracked egg, ham, chorizo and peas on top which is baked for approximately ten minutes after which it’s ready to serve.

In Melbourne, as many brunch enthusiasts would know, this dish usually features on café menus as a baked eggs option with chorizo and paprika in tow. During your next Sunday brunch, I would highly recommend making your way to Oscar Coopers in Prahran to give their version a try!

Oscar Cooper's baked eggs
Oscar Cooper’s baked eggs



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