Fonda- Let’s taco’ bout it!

Friday nights call for one thing, Mexican food! This time my sight was set on Fonda, a modern Mexican establishment plating up fresh food that is locally sourced and cooked with love.


With a line out the door that was coordinated by glamourous hostesses it became very clear that Fonda gears itself towards a fashionable, clean cut, younger demographic. You won’t find any pseudo philosophers debating Homer’s Odyssey over here.

After navigating past a hoard of Camilla clad girls I made my way to the table and sat down in the on trend wire chairs. Looking around, the white washed walls, low key electronic music and cocktails in jars definitely portrayed a more modern than Mexican vibe. Although the set up was definitely lively there was no sense of the passionate, organized chaos that one might expect from a Mexican establishment and certainly no Mariachi-esque music.

Fonda's on trend wire chairs and light fixtures
Fonda’s on trend wire chairs and light fixtures

Now to the food.

While Fonda plates up all the Mesoamerican x Spanish dishes that are typical of Mexican cuisine, their menu also includes more cosmopolitan options. On this night, I ordered a trio of tacos: fried fish, chicken adobo and kimchi prawn, costing a total of $22.

Chicken adobo, kimchi prawn and fried fish tacos
Chicken adobo, kimchi prawn and fried fish tacos

I am happy to announce that after devouring all three in ten minutes my spice dependent taste buds were jumping with joy! The first two tacos delivered smoked spicy flavours offset by the creamy aioli and crunchy lettuce/salsas, while the pan Asian inspired kimchi prawn provided a bold taste that seemed to include all five basic taste sensations that Asian dishes always seek to incorporate.

All the nights offerings

More than just an instragramable restaurant with aesthetically pleasing food, Fonda offers up a contemporary twist on Mexican classics by introducing unusual flavour combinations in an understated, chic environment.

It is modern, minimalist and oh so Melbourne.



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